Herniated Discs And The Decompression Therapy That Treats It


If you suffer from back pain caused by herniated discs, you may have heard of spinal decompression therapy as a possible treatment option. Here is a bit of information about herniated discs and decompression therapy.  What Are Herniated Discs and How Do They Cause Pain? The spine is made up of vertebrae (bones) that are separated by discs (cushions). The discs act as shock absorbers and allow flexibility. Sometimes, due to injury, aging, or other factors, the discs can bulge or rupture, pushing out some of their gel-like material.

28 June 2023

Chiropractic Care Services For Mothers-To-Be


When the pelvis and lower back remain aligned during pregnancy, lower back pain may not cause mobility issues or discomfort. A pregnant woman who seeks chiropractic care may wind up feeling great throughout her pregnancy, allowing the mother-to-be to happily anticipate the arrival of her baby.  Rapid Changes In The Body The body goes through many changes while it is preparing for the birth of a baby. The curvature of the back may become compromised.

23 January 2023

3 Common Problems That Can Be Resolved Through Physical Therapy


Physical therapy has wide-ranging benefits for the body. It helps prevent numerous medical conditions while also helping manage chronic illnesses that can affect the quality of life, like osteoarthritis. Moreover, physical therapy and rehabilitation helps many people avoid invasive treatments like surgeries by providing preventative remedies. Other problems that you can resolve by attending physical therapy and physical rehabilitation sessions include: Patients Facing Mobility Issues After Accidents or Injuries After an injury, for example, when playing sports, you might experience a limitation to your range of motion resulting in difficulty performing ordinary tasks like walking and exercising.

7 November 2022

Chiropractic Treatment: Why Many People Consider Chiropractic Care


If you've ever driven past a chiropractor's office and wondered what they might be able to do to help you, you're in the right place. Many people who are unfamiliar with chiropractic care don't really understand what these medical professionals do or how they can help. Understanding some of the most common reasons why people seek chiropractic care can help you decide if this kind of treatment is right for you.

15 August 2022

Scoliosis And Chiropractic Treatment: What You Need To Know


Scoliosis is a condition in both children and adults in which the curvature of the spine is abnormal. For many scoliosis patients, discomfort can arise and continue if the condition is left untreated. Most doctors recommend surgical treatment if the scoliosis is severe. However, surgical treatment is not the only option. you may want to consider chiropractic care for your scoliosis. Here is what you need to know: What Is Scoliosis?

17 May 2022

So, Your Chiropractor Is Recommending Dry Needling


When you go to see a chiropractor, they typically manipulate your spine. Sometimes, they may guide you through some stretches or administer another beneficial therapy, such as TENS. And then, there are the occasions when a chiropractor recommends a different type of care, such as dry needling. Here are some questions you're likely to have if your chiropractor has recently recommended this treatment for you.  What is dry needling? Dry needling is a treatment that involves inserting small needles into the skin along specific parts of the body.

20 January 2022

3 Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain When Driving


Whether you are a professional driver or occasionally enjoy taking long road trips, you may find that you experience lower back pain during and after your long drives. Back pain after driving for long periods of time is not uncommon, and when steps are not taken to prevent and/or treat this pain, it can result in a reduction of quality of life. However, there are many ways to prevent back pain that stems from driving long distances.

21 September 2021

3 Reasons To Consider Pain Management


Pain is an unavoidable reality for many people. Whether it's chronic pain from arthritis or the acute pain of a sprained ankle, you may have to deal with some level of discomfort at various points in your life. But that doesn't mean that you should needlessly suffer. Pain management can help to improve the quality of your life and reduce your dependency on medication. Here are three reasons to consider pain management.

23 July 2021

Auto Accident Chiropractor Treatments Can Manage Pain And Stiffness While Assisting Healing


An auto accident is often traumatizing. The stress and fright you endure might keep you from realizing you've been injured. Plus, certain injuries may not show up right away. You might think you're fine only to find out you're stiff and sore the next day. It's a good idea to see a medical professional, such as a chiropractor, for an assessment after you've been in an accident, especially if you have neck or back pain.

12 May 2021

3 Rare Conditions Causing Excruciating Back Pain And How A Chiropractor Can Help Resolve Them


Back pain can make your life completely unbearable. When it persists for more than a few hours, your first response may be to get pain medication. While the medication will be useful in managing the condition for the short term, if you have a more profound underlying condition, the pain will only worsen. Sadly, when the pain worsens, many people increase the dosage of the pain killers and end up with either drug resistance or, in extreme cases, an addiction to pain medication.

10 November 2020